Korean culture is communal and sharing that shows a sign of friendship and goodwill. Korean food is the spiciest food that you can have in the world. Spicy Chicken, Korean style is a mouth watering dish. Here, we share a quick recipe for the chicken lovers so that they can enjoy its specialty.

Dak Gal Bi

There are many ways of making Dak Gal Bi, and each has varying level of spiciness. You may add different vegetables like carrots and onions to make the dish yummiest. Chicken, sweet potato, Korean chili pepper powder, garlic, sesame oil and black pepper can add spice to the dish.

1.Firstly, you need to prepare the chicken. Clean the meat and cut off in the desired shape.

2.Throw away the bones and fat, as it is not required. Take chunks of chicken and cut it into small pieces. Leave this aside now.

3.After this, take chili paste, pepper powder, black pepper, sesame oil, soy sauce and garlic to make a marinade for chicken. You need to put chili as per your taste buds. After making your marinade, cut up chicken and coat it evenly. Leave this for about 10   15 minutes.

4.When chicken is marinated, cut the yam into fry pieces and chop carrots and onions into small pieces.

5.After this, grab a pan and start cooking the chicken at medium flame. Cook chicken for about 10 minutes and add vegetables to it. Stir and cook until chicken is cooked. Now your Korean spicy chicken is ready to be served.

This recipe is very vague, and it depends on how ingredients are put together. It depends on many levels of spiciness that a person can tolerate. After mastering the art of cooking Dak Gal Bi, teach your family and friends to make the dish. Many sites welcome individuals and help them to cook different types of food.

Share such lessons and connect well with your community to increase knowledge. Here are a few facts about Korean food:

– Korean food is an Asian cuisine that uses staples of rice, fish and chili peppers.
– Koreans have kimchi (spicy pickled cabbage) at every meal. It is an annual tradition to make this dish in Korean family life.
– Korean recipes are similar to Japanese counterparts and are distinguished by some extra flavor.
– Korean foods are spiciest in the world.
– Bibimbap or rice with vegetables is the National Food of Korea.
– The National beverage of Korea is Soju, a strong rice spirit.

It may sound strange, but the spice is therapy for all the Koreans. The taste of their food is such that you may feel that your brain is on fire. Have a spicy chicken and discover how it is prepared in Korean style. Revitalize your soul with yummy spicy chicken Korean.