I had never tried Turkish food before. Truth be told, I had not tried a lot of foods because I was strictly a meat and potatoes person for the most part. The rare exception to this was an occasional pizza, and that was the only opening that some buddies of mine needed to get me to try Turkish cuisine in Sydney. They knew that I would not experiment with a dish I had no experience with, but they knew that they could lure me in the door by telling me that this restaurant has amazing pizza.

I honestly did not expect for a Turkish restaurant to have pizza, but I was willing to give it a shot. When we first walked in the door, the first thing I noticed was the smell. It was so good! It was just a treat to my nose to even walk in there, which is saying a lot. Most restaurants that we walk into, the air definitely does not smell so good. When we looked at the menu, I decided that I wanted a Newstar special pizza because it had all my favorite toppings on it like sausage, olives and extra cheese.

Everyone else ordered their meals, and the portion size was pretty amazing for each dish. I could not stand just eating my pizza when everyone else’s dishes looked so appetizing. I started trading pieces of my pizza for a small sample of their dishes, and I ended up trying four different entrees that day along with my pizza. I learned that day that I am not just the meat and potatoes guy that I always thought I was. I also learned that Turkish food is the bomb! I go back there at least once a week now, and I have so many favorites that I never know what I am going to order until right before I do!