When my sister invited me to a restaurant so I could try Turkish cuisine in Sydney, I honestly don’t know what I expected. I had never had Turkish cuisine before, but I was not averse to trying it. She gave me the address for the restaurant since it was in the middle of where we both lived, and we just met there. I was there first, and I was able to get us a table in the back corner. The waiter took my drink order and brought out a basket of complimentary bread.

The smell of it was amazing, and I tried a piece even before my sister got there. To say it is the best bread I have ever eaten just does not do it any justice. I ate two pieces and had to cut myself off, otherwise I would have eaten the entire basket. When my sister got there, she ordered mixed dips because she told me that the bread is even better when it is dipped into one of the dips. She was right! There were several types of dip, and each one was fantastic.

I had already looked at the menu and knew that I wanted to order the Kofte Rice Chips Salad. Even though I had already eaten a lot of bread, that dish just looked too scrumptious to pass up. It has the meat along with rice, chips, and veggies. It was a lot of food, and I ended up taking over half of it home. Heating it up the next day for my lunch, it was even better! That was just the first time we went there. I knew that we needed to meet there a lot more because I wanted to try so many other things on their menu. Plus, I think I am addicted to their bread and dips!