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Month: May 2017

I Love Eating Turkish Food Now

I had never tried Turkish food before. Truth be told, I had not tried a lot of foods because I was strictly a meat and potatoes person for the most part. The rare exception to this was an occasional pizza, and that was the only opening that some buddies of mine needed to get me to try Turkish cuisine in Sydney. They knew that I would not experiment with a dish I had no experience with, but they knew that they could lure me in the door by telling me that this restaurant has amazing pizza.

I honestly did not expect for a Turkish restaurant to have pizza, but I was willing to give it a shot. When we first walked in the door, the first thing I noticed was the smell. Continue reading

Great Turkish Food with My Sister

When my sister invited me to a restaurant so I could try Turkish cuisine in Sydney, I honestly don’t know what I expected. I had never had Turkish cuisine before, but I was not averse to trying it. She gave me the address for the restaurant since it was in the middle of where we both lived, and we just met there. I was there first, and I was able to get us a table in the back corner. The waiter took my drink order and brought out a basket of complimentary bread.

The smell of it was amazing, and I tried a piece even before my sister got there. To say it is the best bread I have ever eaten just does not do it any justice. I ate two pieces and had to cut myself off, otherwise I would have eaten the entire basket. Continue reading