When it comes to food, there’s no denying that people can take creativity into the realm of stupidity, often going a little too far with crazy inventions that push the boundaries of what could be considered food. Shows like ‘Epic Meal Time’ and ‘Man vs Food’ champion these culinary triumphs in some pretty entertaining formats on the internet and on TV. But at Manoosh, we’re not fussed with monster hamburgers or fast food lasagnes, we’re all about pizza. So without further ado, here are some of the most epic over the top pizzas we could find.

Pumpkin Spice Pizza Cake
Why not start with Epic Meal Time? These guys are crazy, especially when it comes to creating monstrous fast food inventions like the fast food lasagne or the 50 pound grilled cheese sandwich. Their pumpkin spice pizza cake has to be one of the most ridiculous creations they have ever made though.

Nino Bellissima
The Nino Belissima is creation by revered chef Giovani Spatala. It features a thin crust, six different types of caviar, two lobster tails and is only 12 inches wide. It costs $720 to make at Gino’s Lebanese pizza Restaurant in New York City and costs $1000 to eat.

The Meta Pizza
The meta pizza is exactly what you think it is, a pizza topped with smaller pizzas. Created by Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Brookyln, NYC, this insane creation isn’t on the menu, but can be ordered on request. Check out their Instagram for all the pizza madness.

The Pizza Royale 007
The Pizza Royale 007 is inspired by the outrageous lavishness of its namesake, James Bond. It features some ridiculously extravagant ingredients such as caviar soaked in Dom Perignon, lobster marinated in 100 year old cognac, venison medallions, Scottish smoked salmon, prosciutto of the highest quality and vintage balsamic vinegar. It’s also topped with 24 carat gold flakes for that golden touch. It costs $4,200.

Cheeseburger Pizza
Epic Meal Time score another mention in our list of most over the time pizzas ever with their insane cheeseburger pizza. It features a cheeseburger base with a cheesy beef stuffed crust, topped with McDonald’s cheeseburgers, sauce, cheese and of course bacon. It contains 44, 330 calories and 3,224 grams of fat.

The Chizza
KFC in the Philippines have taken what defines a pizza to crazy new heights with their Chizza, or chicken crust pizza. It features a piece of flat friend chicken topped with traditional pizza ingredients like cheese, sauce, pepperoni and veggies.

Big Mama’s and Papa’s 54 inch Family Pizza
If you’ve got a big family, this one is for you. The largest pizza commercially sold is made at Big Mama’s and Papa’s Pizzeria in LA and costs $200. Not your traditional pizza, this one is a 1.37m x 1.37m square and can feed anywhere between 50-100 people. Not a bad thing to bring to a dinner party.

The Ottavia
The largest pizza in the world has a total surface area of 1,261.65 m² (13,580.28 ft²) and was made by Dovilio Nardi, Andrea Mannocchi, Marco Nardi, Matteo Nardi and Matteo Giannotte from NIP food at Fiera Roma, in Rome in 2012. The pizza was christened ‘Ottavia’, derived from the Roman word for ‘eighth son’ as a homage to the first Roman emperor Octavian Augustus.

The Vulkan
Created by the Nya Gui and Bia Pizzeria in Sweden, this ‘pizza’ has pretty much every indulgent food you could ever want on it ( or in it, depending on which way you want to look at it ) including steak, bacon, pepperoni, fries, and salad in the middle for a little freshness.

The Domino’s Burger Pizza
And finally, the Burger Pizza from Domino’s India. This monstrosity contains cheese and pizza toppings between two pizza crusts ( or buns ) and is hailed by Domino’s as being “specifically designed for the Indian palette”, with fillings like tandoori chicken and minced meat. There is also a vegetarian option.

Every day people are taking pizzas to the limits in more ways than we can imagine. The above is just the tip of the iceberg.